The Laurel Review is a biannual print magazine seeking submissions of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, script, review, and those that blur the lines between genres. We seek both established and new voices in the writing world, and we are especially interested in writing by those whose identities have been historically under-represented. Submitters living outside of the United States are encouraged to submit. Translations in various genres are also of interest. All accepted submitters will receive two copies of the issue in which their piece(s) appear/s.

Current Staff


  • John Gallaher
  • Luke Rolfes

Associate Editors

  • Daniel Biegelson
  • Richard Sonnenmoser
  • José Palacios Perez (Joseph Avski)

Editorial Assistants

  • Korbin Jones
  • Morgan Wagle

Content Assistants

  • Bailey Weese
  • Kate Holt
  • Vilune Sestokaite
  • Anna Bagoly
  • Zach Warner
  • Shandy Guffey
  • Anthony Procopio Ross
  • Halston Belcastro
  • Ken Lopez
  • Courtney Cauley
  • Katelynn Metz
  • Kohl Moutray
  • Sarah Augustine
  • Prakriti Pokharel
  • Angel E. Ette-Umoh