Issue 51.2, 2018

Table of Contents


Frank Montesonti
Katherine Witt
Kate Lasell
Whitney Collins


J.A. Bernstein
Heather Aruffo


Elizabeth Robinson
John Randolph Carter
Michael J. Carter
John F. Buckley
Wyatt Inlow
Kay Lin
Janice Majewski
Jason Bayani


Alarie Tennille
Nandini Bhattacharya

Midwest Chapbook Contest Folio

Kelly Egan
  1. to my mirror
  2. escape is a farther place north
  3. at altitude
C. Kubasta
  1. Annie Makes an Offer
  2. The Auricle
Carter Smith
  1. from White Sky
Natalie D-Napoleon
  1. He Heard a Word
  2. Baby Birds
  3. They Collect You
JL Conrad
  1. from Recovery
Matthew Cooperman
  1. from A Little History of the Panorama
Jen Karetnick


Antonia Pozzi translated by Amy Newman
  1. The Dreamed Life
  2. The Lark
  3. Joy
  4. Reunion
  5. Beginning of Death
  6. You'd Have Been
  7. Motherhood
  8. The Child on the Path
  9. The Eyes of Dream
  10. Vow
Scott Minar
  1. An Interview with Salleh Razzouk
Riad Salh Hussein translated by Saleh Razzouk & Philip Terman
  1. The Germ of the Water Spring
  2. No Doubt About It, O Desartes
Salleh Razzouk translated by author, Scott Minar & Philip Terman
  1. Qadisha Cave
Abigail Carl-Klassen, self-translated
  1. If You Die Far from Me
Ana M. Fores Tamayo, self-translated
  1. Nothing
  2. Words
  3. Cuban Rhythm
Fern G.Z. Carr, self-translated
  1. Night After Night
David Rock, self-translated
  1. Adam at the Threshold, Listening
  2. The Sea Once Again, Like Always
Leo Boix, self-translated
  1. Peregrination
  2. How to Embalm a Body
Melanie Marquez Adams, self-translated
  1. The Color of Lakes
Ruba Abughaida, self-translated
  1. 36 Abbas Street
  2. Exile
  3. Borders
Diana Burbano, translated by Lorna Silva
  1. Linda

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